State of Union Address

LAHRS Annual Train Show


I have no idea what LAHRS stands for, but they got me at Train Show!  So lots of us went down to spend time with model railroads…






I usually don’t include meals in my blog, probably because, well, we all eat most days, and what’s so special about that?  But once in a while, you find something unusual…  As in the LeadBelly.



On the menu was a “Full Leaded Jacket”… A cinnamon roll, sliced with a burger (Veggie) in between, and smothered with chili and other stuff, surrounded by pita chips.  So bizarre I had to try it!  Fantastic! I loved it!  It was not a cinnamon roll covered with frosting, so it was just a little sweet and spicy and great!  I’m told cinnamon roll with chili is a mid western “thing”.  Now I know. (And I’d do it again!)




Dental CE


I had a day of pharmacology, presented very well, even to the point of being fun!  How amazing is that?! The Nebraska Innovation Center was a very nice venue too.


Union College


The last time I put a few pictures of Union College up, I had some folks say they had always heard of Union but never seen it.  So I decided I’d shoot up the whole campus.  OOPS! Shouldn’t say it that way!  I’d PHOTOGRAPH the whole campus.

The day I’d picked to do that was gray and cold…  24F with a wind chill of -8,357F.  Or something like that.  So I did quick pix and was done.  Maybe sometime when it’s warm out and things are green I’ll try more artistic photos.

I’ll start with the church… seems a fitting place to start.




Lots of bright stained glass in the foyer and the sanctuary.



A beautiful organ is surrounded by stained glass… looks strange with no people!



At the corner of the campus is a building originally built as a Carnegie Library.  I wrote about these fascinating buildings in a previous blog, so I won’t go over it again now.


The Clocktower was built in the 70’s, and is in the center of the campus.



Most of the sidewalks leading into the campus have these arches, this one says class of 1929.



I’m not sure what all goes on in these buildings.  I think Music is here, and I’m tempted to make up something else, but I really don’t know.  If you know and would like to comment, I’d be happy to hear it.


The Ortner Center is at one end of a Boy’s Dorm, and is the entryway to the cafeteria.



The Dick Building is full of classrooms and offices.



The Krueger Center is the new science complex, and is very impressive inside.



Prescott Hall is another Boy’s Dorm.  I think it was built in the 60’s, and it looks VERY similar to Sierra Towers, the dorm of similar vintage I lived in while at La Sierra University in California. (Several years ago)



The “Old Gym” is somewhat of a landmark.



Rees Hall is the main Girl’s Dorm, and was built in 1957.  It has been enlarged since then, and this is the dorm where some people (?) remodeled a bunch of rooms last year.  And some of them (?) will return to upgrade more rooms this year too…



The library, meeting spaces, bookstore and who knows what else are in the Don Love Building.



I think the nursing program is upstairs, and I know the fitness center and pool are downstairs.


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