Seriously Cold!


National Toilet Plunger Museum

After last week’s adventure in the National Roller Skating Museum, I’m sure there are those who think I’ll go to any museum possible…  Well, maybe that’s true.  Which leads me to the National Toilet Plunger Museum.



Ok, there is no such place as the Toilet Plunger Museum.  But this thing was near our campsite, and I’m not sure what it really is.  Any ideas?  I do know (from careful experimentation) that a basketball thrown into the open top seems to exit somewhat randomly from one of the four holes underneath.  If that’s your idea of a fun game, maybe you need to get out more.  Maybe a plumber invented it…


Fudge Ripple

Some have asked what it’s like living in a motorhome… so we will start by showing what our home looks like.  Maybe later we will try to show more about what living in it is like…



When we arrived at our campground in St. Joseph, MO, there were green leaves and red leaves all over the trees.  One tree in particular, right in front of our motorhome, had green leaves on one side and red on the other.  But over the course of just a few days, they all fell to the ground.  Then the cold came.  And then the snow.  Not too much snow, but plenty of cold.  It got down to 6 degrees F.  That’s colder than retired people need!!  Our home is very well insulated, and with the heated tile floors, the furnace doesn’t even have to run too often to keep it nice inside.  But it’s still mighty cold when you go outside!


The following is the same view as the one at the top of the page.  What a difference in a few days!





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