Exploring the Bruce

Bruce Peninsula


I mentioned our trip up the Bruce Peninsula in last week’s blog, but we wanted to try a little video presentation, so if you’d like to see the waves crash, give it a watch:



Illegal Pie!

When we crossed the border from Canada back to the USofA, we were asked if we had any illegal substances aboard.  Fruit qualifies.  I told the nice officer I thought we had about 4 peaches in the fridge.  He said they are not legal to bring into the States, asked a few more questions, and then said you are free to go… Eat those peaches!  It turns out we had 6 of them, and some strawberries too.  We decided to get rid of all the evidence quickly; we made a pie!  An experimental, illegal substance pie.  Cherryl ground the wheat, making the flour; I made the crust, and she made the awesome Peach-Strawberry Pie innards.  Our crust didn’t work too well – not very pretty and a little too healthy tasting 😉 but overall the pie was a success!  The insides made good topping for breakfast pancakes!


iPhone Photo Class

We saw a class offered on creative portrait photography… and had great fun with it.  I’m only going to show you a few…

Cherryl’s self portrait as reflected in a Tesla:



And a shot of both of us. Can you figure it out?



Mundane Life Events

Just in case you think exploring Our Next Horizon is a never ending Avalanche of Adventure, we present this short description of one of the more mundane aspects of nomad life:


Another not so thrilling event is getting service done.  Here is an early morning deposit of our home to get its filters and fluids changed. (How often do you do that for your home??)


We were also going to have any open recalls addressed, and fix a sticky blinker switch.  I thought we should do it soon, as I was told our 3 year warranty was over sometime mid- November. The service guy told me it was good we brought it in when we did… the warranty was up the NEXT DAY!  The part needed for the blinker switch is backordered, but no problem with the warranty because I started the repair in time.  We will have to get it finished somewhere else… but saved a bunch by getting it started!  God is Good!

Camping in Michigan



Notice we had a lake view from the front right side of our house…  😉

IMG_5738 2


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