Spinning Yarns and Telling Tails

Agricultural and Industrial Plants

SAGE Center is an agricultural museum in northern Oregon.  We combined a trip to the SAGE center with a visit to Pendleton Mills, where they make the most beautiful woolen goods!  Here is a short video with a hint of what goes on there…



More Flight Time

I was privileged to catch a couple more flights: first to Spokane, Washington and then to Lewiston, Idaho with the corporate jets.



I also got a couple flights in Loren’s “new” Cheyenne twin turbine zooming machine!  Big, fast and beautiful!



Self-Portrait in the Shiny Spinner:



Bridges over Pasco:


Towing it back to the hanger from the fuel station:


Foxy Flying Wife:



Safety Video

The family had lots of fun putting together a “Family Airline Flight Safety Video”, which will be required viewing prior to any flight!




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