Managaha is a small island a few minutes off Saipan by boat.  It’s uninhabited… at night… but a very popular playground during the day.


Tourists come for the sun, and then hide from it.  Or they come to play in the beautiful water, but most of them crowd into a small area roped off for some reason.


Some come to take glamorous pictures of themselves… as they like to do all over Saipan.


We came to chase fish!


There are a few remnants of the war here, above the water and under it.  Can’t get away from that on Saipan!





  1. I just wanted to remind you that when you were packing up your belongings from Denver, that there were a couple of snow shovels that you didn’t want anymore. The next time you’ve got warm sand and water squishing between your toes please remember ole’ Bill is using the heck out of your unwanted snow shovels!

    • Can’t tell you how good it makes me feel that someone is “enjoying” those snow shovels! Thanks!!

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