News from Noccalula

Noccalula Falls Park

Near the entrance to the Park, there is a nice monument to all veterans – those who have served, are currently serving, or will in the future.


Of course the main attraction is the waterfall itself.  The story is that a beautiful Indian girl, Noccalula, was ordered to marry someone other than her true love, so she jumped to her death in these falls.


Perhaps easier to document is the fact that there was a tavern and dance hall behind the falls in the mid to late 1800’s.   The owners decided to enlarge the dance floor with some creative dynamite usage, and creatively caved the whole thing in.  I have no photos of what it looked like before the cave in, but here it is now…


Refocusing the Dream

Well, I am now announcing a major shift in our plans… We are still adventuring, still “Nomads”, but we are going to try doing it on land.

We love our beautiful boat!  We have had tons of fun on her, and learned a lot.  The sad thing is that we feel we have too much of our net worth tied up in the boat. That makes it feel riskier and less fun.

Our original plan was to live on the boat “as long as it’s fun”, then move to an RV and do the US on the ground.  The only “change” in our plan is that I figured the transition would be further down the road.  So with a great deal of sadness, we will be selling our beautiful boat! We’ve done a ton of work on her, and some nice upgrades, so her new owners will have a great yacht to fulfill their dreams on too.

We have purchased a small travel trailer that we will travel in till the boat is sold.  At that time we will probably upgrade to a motorhome. There is also a chance we will do some dental relief work overseas.  Stay tuned to see if that works out!

Here is a little overview of the boatyard where Grace is getting finished up.


The Cove Campground

Gadsden, Alabama is where we bought the trailer, and we spent a few nights there making sure all was working well.  It isn’t too exciting of a campground, but there was a lake with some nice reflections.

We loved the way the clouds reflected in the ripples…


So I hope you will stay with us on our adventures, as we try to see America from Ground Level!



  1. I’m sure there is some disappointment involved, but may you have many great travels ahead on land also. May God travel with you and have fun!!

  2. Wow! I think it’s so great that you have adjusted your dreams to what fits you best. I recently read a quote that stated, “Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.” I’m not saying the boat was a mistake, but I think we often cling to decisions we spend a lot of time making, or that we dreamed about. What a gift to be able to adjust and move forward!
    I know you will thoroughly enjoy whatever adventures are ahead of you! You embrace life fully and that is awesome! I will be praying for all your travels and transitions!
    Be blessed,

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