Unwelcome Guest Reconsiders Visit

This morning we got a nice anniversary gift (It’s our 42nd!) in the form of a revised weather forecast… Florence will probably shun our area and head south instead.  We are still gearing up for strong winds, heavy rain and significant flooding, but feel much better about our situation.  Virginia has recommended evacuation of everyone in Zone A, which (Right where we are) but that was over a day ago and now I don’t think it is needed.

We are really in a good place, and have water and power to cook and even run the air conditioners.  We will still have an escape plan (Rental car loaded and ready to go) but I really don’t think we’ll use it.  So we delight in the Grace of God, and in reminders like the great picture above. Before today we never gave much thought to the fact that the water is high over any dock – just pilings in the water.  Maybe that’s what tomorrow will bring! (Thank you my precious dental team for that picture!)

The weather NOW is still beautiful… if we weren’t from Colorado, where we’ve seen it go from 75 degrees to a blizzard in an afternoon, we’d have a hard time believing heavy weather is on its way!


There has been almost no traffic on the canal, (Partly because the drawbridge was inoperative (Now it is running normally)) (Can you nest parentheses in prose as you do in mathematics?) except for boats coming here to tie up.  This morning there was a short parade of Coast Guard boats, and later a Police boat.  We have noticed a lot of helicopter traffic and a few fixed wing planes flying over.

Last Night – Very Calm

This morning all was still looking beautiful…

So thank you all for your prayers – don’t stop… we’re not through this yet, but it is looking far less fearsome now.

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