Annapolis Sailboat Show

Blue water sailboat cockpit

October 5-12, 2017

Blue water sailboat deck

We attended the Annapolis show all excited about the fantastic sailboats exhibited there. We also spent 4 days in classes about how to care for diesels, provision boats, communicate with the rest of the world, understand weather and more.  We had a great time… but learned a bit more than we wanted.  After talking with many experts, we concluded that a sailboat that was big enough to live on, and safe enough to cross oceans well, was too big or too much work to handle for the two of us.  We were pretty bummed.  We sailed with one sailing captain, who when asked what sailboat he wanted, said he was getting too old for the effort involved and wanted a trawler.

Blue water sailboat living space

I thought he was crazy. Until we stepped onto our first trawler.  Wow!  Lots of space! Comfort!  No sails to raise or sheets to pull.  A bit less at the mercy of the wind.  So after a few weeks of lamenting joining the “dark side” and contemplating diesel power vs sail power, we shifted gears.  We were now working towards a trawler.

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